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22nd Annual Cardiovascular Day

Tuesday, February the 17th, 2015
Reynolds Alumni Center « click for map
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Keynote Speaker

Dr. Charles MurryDr. R. John Solaro, Ph.D.

Head of Physiology and Biophysics and Distinguished University Professor for the University of Illinois at Chicago, Dr. Solaro's research integrates molecular and cellular processes at the level of the sarcomere into mechanisms controlling cardiac dynamics.  His work addresses how sarcomeric function is altered by pathological conditions leading to heart failure, and seminal studies from his laboratory have led to identification and development of small molecule inotropic agents useful in the treatment of heart failure.

Dr. Solaro will speak about "Cardiac Sarcomeres, Genes that Kill Young Adults, and What We Can Do".

Additional speakers:

Michael A. Hill, Ph.D.
Sergiy Sukhanov, Ph.D
Dane Lund
Maike Krenz, M.D.
Eileen Hasser, Ph.D
Seth Holwerda

Poster Awards

Poster Scoring was handled a little different this year. Reviewers scored and marked several posters as 'Exemplary'.  From this group, three were chosen by lottery to receive the cash prizes.

Those presenters making the Exemplary rating (in alphabetical order):

• Linda Alex
• Stephanie Bowers
• Manuel Gutierrez-Aguilar
• Jessica Hiemstra
• Kwangseok Hong
• John Jones
• Abuzar Mahmood
• Kyle McCommis

The select three for cash prize awards:

• Linda Alex
• Stephanie Bowers
• Kwangseok Hong


Event Committee members: Timothy L. Domeier, Ph.D., Silvia Bompadre, Ph.D. and Kevin J. Cummings, Ph.D.

Call for Abstracts and Registration period ended January 15th, 2015.

If you have questions regarding this event or wish to submit a Registration form, please E-mail

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